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 I've never had a better or easier experience buying a car!  I told Nina what I was looking for and she quickly found a great vehicle at a fantastic price.  Nina is an absolute pleasure to work with and provides top notch customer service.  She handled all the paperwork -- all I had to do was get in the car and drive away!  I highly recommend Carrollwood Auto Sales. 6/11/18



I am beyond pleased with the professional service and genuine customer care with Nina.  The car is great - LOVE it - and GREAT price too :)  I couldn't be happier and will definitely stay in touch with Nina for any additional car purchases... my daughter also Loves MY car... so we may be in the market again very soon :)  Many thanks, Nina!

June 10th 2018



Linda Pierson

We didn't buy a car from Nina but she sold our 2012 Porsche Carrera 911S Cabriolet for us while we were out of the country. Talk about a dealer who will go the extra mile - Nina handled this transaction smoothly and professionally. She coordinated beautifully between the buyers who were in California and us (we were in Italy at the time). If you want a dealer you can trust it's Nina at Carrollwood Auto Sales.    Linda Pierson

Ken R

For the first time  in 40 years I enjoyed buying a car. Nina is a true pleasure to work with. No pressure, and any concerns I had were addressed immediately. If you are looking for a first class dealership, I recommend Nina and Carrollwood Auto Sales.    

Crisha Scolaro

How can I begin with a recommendation of someone I have been doing business with for 30 years!! All my cars, my children’s cars used or new, Nina has taken care of everything! Suggesting the right make car, in the right price range all the while making it so easy. I have just purchased a new car from the dealer at such a great price because she was handling the deal. Buying a car is not my line of work and anyone who says you can do it on your own, is nuts, sooooo much to know and check out, I would never never buy a car anywhere else! Once you have had Nina help you through the process you will never use anyone else. Crisha

The Millers

My husband and I have purchased several vehicles from Nina at Carrollwood Auto Sales.  In every case, Nina found us just the right car at the right price.  Recently, Nina sold a car for us.  She took care of needed repairs, found a buyer quickly, and made the whole process very easy.  Nina is a true pleasure to work with!  We will go back to her the next time we need to buy or sell a vehicle.    Cindy & Gary.

Ethan Bird

The 2006 Volkswagen Jetta which I purchased from Nina is a smooth operator in performance and mechanical reliability at a good price. I've received a bunch of compliments on the car's clean good looks. Nina went the second mile in helping me to identify the best loan and with closing, which I appreciated, since this was the first time I had bought a car on credit. I plan to go back to her the next time I buy a car.     Ethan Bird



I wanted to thank you again for helping us find our son’s first car. The ride to Nashville, where he attends college, went very smoothly in the Volvo. We are all very happy that we found you and that you decided to show us the Volvo wagon, even though we were inquiring about other cars. The buying experience was extremely pleasant and I hope that we can refer more business your way.     Thank you and all the best!  Leo  2017.



Bought my first car - a Volvo from Nina at Carrollwood Auto Sales, Inc. in 1995, and since then bought another Volvo, 2 Ford Explorers, a BMW 740, and Mini Cooper, plus a Pontiac Sunfire for my daughter's first car, a Pontiac Grand Caravan for my Mom, a Nissan Sentra for my daughter to drive through college and grad school, and then my brother has bought three cars from her also during that time. Always got a great deal, a great and reliable car, and a seamless and friendly transaction with a lady who knows her stuff and cares about her reputation. She helped me sell those cars when I replaced them also, and I trust her judgment completely. I can't imagine why I'd buy a car from anyone else!    James Kramer.

Kathy G

I am a repeat customer, and have purchased 2 cars since 1999. I highly recommend purchasing a car from Nina Brown with Carrollwood Auto Sales Inc. Nina worked within my budget, found reliable options to choose from, and made the whole process as easy as possible. When it is time to buy a car - I go to Nina Brown. She can help you find what you want.     Kathy G.


The three cars I purchased from Carrollwood Auto Sales have been very good and reliable. Nina really took the time and made the effort to find what I wanted.     Belinda

Joyce Jonaitis

I have bought a van and a Vw Passatt from Carrollwood Auto Sales, both have been great vehicles, and Nina takes care of any repairs that I have needed using her repair shops. I would recomend anyone to check out her website before buying a car.  Joyce Jonaitis


I have bought 4 cars from Carrollwood Auto Sales Inc, Nina worked hard to find me the exact car that I needed for a new job. I am very impressed with her knowledge and expertise. Whenever I need another car I will be back.      Kathryn